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At Precision Homes, you can expect a full design-build service.

A successful project considers your existing home and the proposed changes, while remaining within budget. We accomplish this goal by working closely with you and the designer at the onset of the visualization stage. Doing so will allow us to devise cost-saving ideas and creative solutions unique to your project.

  1. Initial Consultation:
    Developing solutions for cost-effective design ideas.
    We meet with each client to determine the proper direction of the project, whether the project is a new construction, remodel or taking over a work-in-progress. At this meeting, we will consider your existing home, the proposed changes and your budget.

  2. Design:
    Where budget and design converge.
    Bringing the client’s vision to paper is one of the most important and exciting steps in the creative process. In this phase, we take the client-approved plans and work closely with Architects, Engineers, and Drafters to bring ideas to the next level. Itemized cost breakdowns, detailed scheduling, and other contractual ideas are also finalized at this time.

    A Construction Cost Breakdown will be presented to the client for review and will include allowance items such as:
    • overall square footage
    • appliances
    • cabinetry
    • flooring
    • plumbing
    • lighting fixtures
  3. Construction:
    Turning your dreams into reality.
    We manage projects from inception to completion, but we can also take over an existing project. By gathering all needed resources and working with reliable subcontractors, we guarantee timely project completion that stays within budget and meets the client’s design goals.
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we focus budget spending.


  1. Follow-up:
    The key to client satisfaction.
    We are a referral-based business; therefore, complete client satisfaction is our business. Our follow-up meeting is a crucial part of the process, because your happiness helps our business grow.
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